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Current Activities

The Center is currently engaged in numerous NIH research projects, contract work for the NJDOH, tobacco treatment delivery, and continuing education efforts.  Current activities are detailed below and provide a foundation on which to build CTS’s activities.

Research Projects

  1. Physicians’ Perceptions; Attitudes; and Communication of E-Cigarettes (PACE) (R01)
  2. Perceptions and Impact of Modified Risk Tobacco Product Communication Messages (R37/R01 Equiv)
  3. Cell Phone RDD Sampling to Reach Young Adults for Tobacco Control Surveillance (R01)
  4. Adoption; diffusion; and implementation of Tobacco 21 policies to address health disparities (R01)
  5. Examining the Effects of Advertising; Packaging and Labeling on Perceptions; Use and Exposure of Combustible Tobacco Products (U54)
  6. Project 3: Influence of Cigarillo Packaging and Labeling on Young Adults (U54 research project )
  7. Project 4: Product descriptors in Natural American Spirit Cigarette marketing (U54 research project )
  8. Tobacco Industry Marketing Core (U54 Core)
  9. Career-Enhancement Core (U54 Core)
  10. Tobacco Industry Document Review (R01 subcontract from UCSF)
  11. Smokeless Tobacco Marketing (R01 subcontract from UCSF)
  12. Evaluating Local Menthol Cigarette Bans (CINJ Pilot Grant)
  13. National Longitudinal Study: Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (Contract from NIH/FDA)
  14. Evaluation of NJ’s Tobacco Control Initiatives (Contract from NJDOH)

Treatment and Service Projects

  1. Tobacco Dependence Clinic
  2. Screen NJ -Lung CT Screening and Tobacco Mitigation (Contract from NJDOH through CINJ)
  3. Monitoring and archiving of tobacco industry marketing (
  4. Coordinating Center for NJ Quitcenters (Contract from NJDOH)


  1. Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist Continuing Education Program
  2. Impact of e-cigarette Marketing Features on Youths’ E-cigarette Perceptions and Use Intentions (K01)