Institute for Nicotine & Tobacco Studies

Research, treatment, and training, to reduce tobacco-related mortality in New Jersey, the US, and globally

About The Institute for Nicotine & Tobacco Studies

The Institute for Nicotine & Tobacco Studies (INTS) is one of the nation’s leading tobacco focused research centers. It seeks to reduce and ultimately eliminate tobacco-related morbidity and mortality in New Jersey, the US, and globally. INTS does this via research that informs interventions, regulations, and policies; the delivery of evidence-based tobacco treatment; dissemination of research findings to key stakeholders; and training of tobacco treatment providers and the next generation of tobacco control researchers.

Over the past two decades, the Center has been awarded approximately $50 million in extramural funding. INTS also serves the citizens of the state and has treated over 7,000 smokers in New Jersey. INTS’s continuing education program has broad reach – over 3,000 clinicians have been trained as tobacco treatment specialists from all 50 states and over 11 countries.

Five Centers or Programs currently operate at the Institute.

1. Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science
2. Center of Excellence for Rapid Surveillance of Tobacco
3. Tobacco Dependence Program
4. Tobacco Industry Marketing Program
5. Tobacco Control Law & Policy Resource Center


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